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Sustainability story in a snuggly strand

Cotton / Possum / Wool

Controversial maybe, but beautiful definitely. The addition of fur to this yarn gives it an exquisite drape with a subtle softness while maintaining some structure. The unique use of possum in combination with cotton and merino is interesting to try. The possum fibre is fur, not wool, and the strand itself is hollow, filling with air when worn makes it 55% warmer than merino and 35% warmer than cashmere.

Sublime with a Danish flavour

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Cotton / Wool

Holst Garn is a family business run by Helle Holst in Denmark. She has a passion for wool and after finding a gap in the market she created a wonderful selection of yarns, Coast being one of the standouts. Helle sources her fibres all over the world and produces unique blends. The use of merino lambswool has created a super soft fine yarn that can been worn next to the skin even on new-borns.