Sublime with a Danish flavour

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Cotton / Wool

Coast by Holst Garn

Coast is so gentle on the skin, babies and even the most sensitive can enjoy a delicate hand knit.

Holst Garn is a family business run by Helle Holst in Denmark. She has a passion for wool and after finding a gap in the market she created a wonderful selection of yarns, Coast being one of the standouts. Helle sources her fibres all over the world and produces unique blends. The use of merino lambswool has created a super soft fine yarn that can been worn next to the skin even on new-borns. It is also lovely when knit with two strands together to create a thicker thread. It drapes beautifully and seems to almost float and become weightless. Helle has an ethical conscience and all her fibres are from non mulesed sheep.

When knitting

DSC02246Coast is feather light and wonderful for summer knits or garments that are layered. The combination of 55% lambswool and 45% cotton is a lovely balance. The strand is textured and has small flecks of a paler shade of your chosen colour due to it being blended with the cotton, this gives the fabric you are creating a textured appearance. Air just passes through when knit loosely yet it can provide warmth when knit at a smaller gauge.

The strand is strong with a slight halo and although fine I didn’t experience any breakage. I have read about others who have on Ravelry but this hasn’t been my experience. My vintage knitting machine easily handles this yarn, which is a good test of the yarn’s strength so I am confident to say it is strong enough for normal knitting. Each 50 gram ball contains 350 meters of yarn. There are 88 colours in the range giving you a huge variety of options. With the current ‘Find your Fade’ trend this allows you to subtly graduate from one tone to the next. The pinkish coloured yarn featurd in this review’s photos is Coast Plum, while the other colours are other yarns.

When blocking

Pin out your item, particularly delicate lace, to make the most of all your hard work. I found items grew slightly, so to achieve gauge I went down half a needle size.


When washing

Garments can go in the washing machine on a cold cycle but definitely don’t use warm water or put it in the dryer because it may shrink, particularly due to the cotton fibres. Coast has a little spinning oil on the strands and this comes out in the first wash. I chose to wash my garment by hand and lay it flat in the shade to dry. I handled the fabric gently to maintain the garments shape when I washed it and didn’t experience any colour run. The fabric became even softer after washing it.

When wearing

Coast is extremely soft and can be worn directly next to the skin and is suitable for new-borns. When knit the fabric has strength even though the strands feel delicate. I have not experienced any pilling with my garments.

DSC02275 1


Coast has a very large range of colours making it a great choice for many projects. It drapes softly and is a great choice for items that are worn against the skin. If you want something heavier simply knit it with two strands held together giving you a nice sport weight. The stitch definition is good and clearly shows up lace work. It is a yarn I will come back to again and again.

Weight 2 ply – light fingering weight
Length 350 metres / 383 yards
Unit Weight 50 grams / 1.76 ounces
Gauge 26 stitches per 10 cm / 4 inches
Needle 2.5mm / US 2
Composition and Origin 55% merino lambswool, 45% cotton
Recommended handling Machine washable on a cold program
Colour A huge range – 88 at last count!
Supplier Holst Garn – Denmark
Project Ideas …a hint of summer by Isabell Kraemer
Fadient shawl by Xandy Peters
SpliTTop by La Maison Rililie
Clapo-Ktus by UniqueCreazioni  
Source of review yarn Purchased by me on a recent trip to Stockholm
Average Retail Price $11.00 AUD currency

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