Drapes beautifully providing the effortless elegance of linen without the crush factor

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Cotton / Linen / Viscose

Natura Linen by DMC Creative World

Linen is wonderful to wear. It’s cool and always looks so fabulous in magazines with people walking relaxed along the beach.

Natura Linen is a blend of linen, cotton and viscose that takes the wonderful properties that I love about linen and softens them, reducing the crush factor while keeping a level of structure and shape. The thread is not as sharply defined as other linen threads due to the addition of viscose and cotton. This makes it durable and more inclined to hold its shape. It also occasionally has some slightly irregular sections that make it interesting and wonderful to give an item a creative edge.

When knitting

DSC01880The yarn doesn’t have a lot of give as the thread is strong and it holds its shape. If you need stretch, consider a long tail cast-on and Jeny’s Super Stretchy Bind-off when casting-off. The yarn doesn’t feel as firm as a pure linen and was pleasant in my hands to knit. It has a softness from the cotton that is nice on the skin.

The thread is interesting because the two strands twisted together are different fibre combinations and slightly irregular. This results in slightly different shades of the same colour, a matte finish and a pastel tone. You may come across the occasional small slub, which I really like.

I have used this for homewares and would also select it for a loose cardigan or a summery top with a soft drape. For a summer top, I like to knit this yarn loosely allowing air to pass through the stitches.

When blocking

The yarn relaxed quite a bit and the stitch definition became more defined. Definitely complete a gauge square for garments. I had to pin block my placemat heavily to make the most of the lace design and to make it perfectly round. It was definitely worth the effort as it has held its shape beautifully.


When washing

Do it by hand and lie your item flat in the shade if you can. I didn’t experience any colour run when I washed my items. I handled the fabric gently.

When wearing

It is soft on the skin similar to cotton. I haven’t seen any pilling. If you want the sharp thread definition of 100% linen you may prefer a different yarn. What it does offer is a softness that is lovely to wear and the advantage of the garment holding its shape without crumpling like 100% linen. It is a great option for cool garments, which I love because I live in Australia.


Natura Linen offers a nice alternative to 100% linen especially if you’re not a fan of the crushed look. It gives that effortless elegance that you only get from linen, but with the advantage of holding the garment’s shape. It makes me feel like going to Noosa (a wonderful Australian beach town where people tend to wear lots of white linen!!). I love the natural colours especially the charcoal and stone.

Weight 8 ply
Length 150 metres / 164 yards
Unit Weight 50 grams / 1.76 ounces
Gauge 22 stitches per 10 cm / 4 inches / 28 rows
Needle 3.5mm / US 4
Composition and Origin 58% linen, 26% viscose, 16% cotton
Recommended handling Hand wash
Colour 12 natural pastel based colours
Supplier DMC
Project Ideas Pearls by Yumiko Alexander, Circular place mat from the book “The Knitted Home” by Ruth Cross, Liesl by Ysolda Teague
Source of review yarn Purchased by me on a recent trip to Helsinki
Average Retail Price $9.00 AUD currency

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